Posted by Kadeem Clarke on May 24th 2020

Top Disposable Vapes of 2020

Disposable vapes are the easiest way to begin vaping. JUUL, and Puff Bar are dominating the field right now. Lightweight, compact, and familiar to smokers, but without the toxic chemicals and tar that …

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Posted by Kadeem Clarke on May 10th 2020

Legalize It

Welcome back! So you've committed to opening a shop. Congrats. We'll trust that you read our previous blog posts, so let's get right to it.A wise man once said "Only two things in life are certain. De …

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Posted by Kadeem Clarke on Apr 19th 2020

How To Open a Smoke Shop

Choosing to start a smoke shop is a great decision to make in the rapidly growing industry. Total sales in the legal market are projected to increase at a rate of 14% over the next 6 years, reaching $ …

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Posted by Kadeem Clarke on Apr 5th 2020

How to Blow Smoke Rings

Thanks to the smoke rings tricks we will give you, you will look cooler in every environment you enter. First of all, before you take the steps we will tell you, you have to understand how to blow smo …

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